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Pathogen Slayers is South-Central Florida's leading anti-pathogen company. Prioritizing safety, science. and reliability we have a solution to ensure you and your property are safe from any pathogens or viruses.

Whether its through our trusted Path Away Dry Fogging service or proven Once A Day Thrush Away we can guarantee a safe solution from any infectious, viral, or pathogenic spread.

About us

Safe & Organic

Dry fogging is a safe and organic method of disinfection that uses natural and eco-friendly disinfectants made from natural ingredients safe for use in any environment.


Residue Free

The process uses a fine mist that leaves no residue or excess moisture, ensuring that the treated area is safe for immediate use. Infected areas can be treated with belongings and people in the area.

  • Non-slip
  • No oDors
  • No risk of mold from moisture
  • no post service clean up

Science Backed

Trusted and tested solutions made by real scientists from real ingredients. Our chemicals have been made specifically to slay any and all pathogens and evolves with the strains.

  • FDA Approved
  • GrAS Approved
  • No "secret ingrediants"
  • Tested and Insured

Organic Dry Fogging


Path-Away® Solution

Professional dry fogging services to help keep your home or business clean and safe. Our technology uses a fine mist of disinfectant to reach every nook and cranny, eliminating germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Our process is quick, efficient, and safe for both people and pets.

Ready for immediate scheduling for emergency situations. Have a fogging team come right to your door today!


Once A Day, Thrush Away

Organic animal friendly multi-purposed chemical designed to keep thrush off of prized horses. Thrush isn't the only thing this chemical slays! Keep your pet safe from most virus, bacteria, or infection.

32 Oz

Small handheld bottle available for direct purchase.


Gallon available in single order or bulk. Ask about a continued subscription.

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